Court Diversion

Regular Diversion Helpful Hints

Welcome to the Center for Life Skills Diversion Program. - 8 hours or less -

By entering your guilty plea today in court, you have agreed to complete the following conditions and need to follow these steps in order to be in compliance with the city Prosecutor’s Diversion Program and obtain a dismissal of your charge(s).

The next steps for the Diversion Program are:

To register: Bring your court paperwork;  photo ID; and payment to:       


3131 N. Country Club Rd. Suite 100 85716

Hours: Monday-Friday 9-5pm

(520) 229-6220

  1. Pay the City and Registration fee - which is $275. Additional fees include Jail or Restitution as noted on your court plea agreement.   No checks will be accepted.  Forms of payment include cash, money order, cashier’s check and debit/credit cards.  All due at enrollment.
  2. Register for the designated class. 
  3. Attend when scheduled and participate in the learning.
  4. The sooner you complete you pay your fees and complete your course, the sooner you will have your charges dismissed.

REMEMBER:  You must pay within the designated time frames (within 21 days of the guilty plea at arraignment OR within 1 working date of the guilty plea at pretrial, trial or review hearing or any other non-arraignment setting). This needs to be completed within 51 days of signing your plea date including all classes if more than one setting.  If not, you will be sentenced for Non-Compliance and receive a conviction.